The Forge: “Fight Goblins, Not Servers”

A turn-key solution for hassle-free virtual table-top gaming

The Forge is a startup SaaS “virtual table-top” game hosting platform, serving a large community of gamers all around the world, with sustained growth month over month, a testament to how incredibly well it is filling its userbase’s needs.

We advised the CEO on business strategy & management, and led the Forge’s team on all matters of marketing. In this engagement, Jeff’s objective was to help build a lean, agile organisation that would focus on the fundamentals, build stakeholders’ loyalty, and scale well with its organic growth. Our advice was also requested on occasion for some hiring, team building and HR management matters.

In addition to strategic planning and advice on various aspects of the business’ growth, we also provided per-project leadership and bespoke creative services on the client’s skunkworks projects such as the website overhaul (includes content ontology restructuring, copywriting, wireframing and graphic design) project, marketplace partnerships planning project, video planning & pre-production for a high-impact elevator sales pitch video, and general art direction.