Why is it so hard to find a great CMO…

…who will take your emergent tech company to the next level or modernize your traditional business—without breaking the bank?

Bring your emergent tech to market with a fractional CMO who gets it.

And by “gets it”, we don’t just mean marketing, or your quest for RoI, but also your entire business, across all departments.

We are Regento; we help you develop a strategy for any stage of product and business and execute it with you.

After establishing your goals, we can work with your multinational teams to develop:

  • Marketing research & strategy for angel investors and VC funding packages
  • Marketing package for crowdfunding campaigns
  • Product development mapping (define market, timeline, competitors and pricing)
  • Branding architecture for your company, and its products or services
  • National and international market rollouts, with a holistic understanding of industrial product design, supply chain management, customer experience, and finance.

Our approach is to be a stakeholder and team lead. We build cross-departmental relationships to design a cohesive strategy with all stakeholders represented. This method reduces waste, lags and miscommunication among departments. Exactly what a lean company needs to stay on track and make the runway stretch to meet milestones.

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