EvoluData and the Tiki project

Bringing the Wiki way to Enterprise and the Public Sector

EvoluData is an established open-source software development service provider offering technical support, consultancy and bespoke software development services around the Free and Open-Source “Tiki” project, and its associated all-in-one vertically integrated enterprise package offering, WikiSuite.

With more than 20 years in business, EvoluData is the biggest enterprise support service provider in the Tiki community, and a staunch supporter of the “wiki way”. EvoluData follows an “upstream first”, “100% open” approach, where client-driven solutions result in improvements integrated first and foremost into the modular core of Tiki. In other words, there is no “bait and switch”, no “open core” fragmentation, and no unexpected “over-the-wall” code dumps. There is no “community vs enterprise” featureset divergence.

We advise the CEO on go-to-market business strategy & management, and help EvoluData’s team on all matters of marketing team leadership. In this engagement, our objective is to help EvoluData improve its business processes, product marketing and community management, in order to help EvoluData and the Tiki community build a fair and sustainable market with healthy enterprise & public sector demand.

You can learn more about EvoluData’s philosophy by visiting its about page.